Easter Egg Photoshop Tutorial

How to make an egg in a few steps!
It is very easy, using a pair of selection and of a style we will have results as shown in this image.

Level – Beginners’ course

Let’s start

LadyJDesignStore Easter Egg Tutorial

1. Make a new file(Ctrl+N), width 552 x 658 pix, 72 dpi.
make elliptical marquee selection (M) , shape like egg

2. Make new layer (Shift + Ctrl +N), call him egg,
then,fill egg layer width active selection – foreground color (Alt + Delete).

3. 2 x click on layer egg, layer style, apply inner shadow effect

4. Apply inner glow effect

5.Apply gradient overlay effect, must set gradient colors first ink #cbcbcb second ink is white.

6.Now we have egg, but we need to finish:)

7.New layer(Shift+Ctrl+N) name it egg layer, Ctrl+click on layer egg to load egg selection, pres G on keyboard that mean you select a gradient tool, select radial gradient and choose second gradient white to transparent. Just pull down gradient just like on image and light for egg is hire! Please deselect selection (Ctrl +D), Now we have to make background for egg.

8.Make a new gradient width foreground white and background color #b4b4b4 just select layer 0 and pull from center like, pull gradient from right to the left and you will have background for egg

9.Select layer 0 and make new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) name it shadow, just make elliptical marquee selection (M) and fill width black, please deselect width (Ctrl+D) and go to filter blur Gaussian blur.

10.Just blur width this settings and your egg is finish.

Your egg will look just like that. I put just a reflex. Hope you like it and find it amusing :) If you have question just ask me, this tutorial is posted here exclusively for you!
Thanks for reading
Love LadyJ

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