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Stationary Template Guide & Licensing
LadyJDesignStore TEMPLATES are digital Stationery files created for Small Business Owners, Designers and individuals.Template layouts are copyrighted to LadyJDesignStore and come with LIMITED COMMERCIAL USE


Any stationery company or designer can purchase LadyJDesignStore TEMPLATES and create their online or offline Stationery business by (customizing) our templates with no license fee and no crediting needed.


Any individual can purchase our templates, customize and print for their own event, party, wedding or shower. Copyrights remain with LadyJDesignStore at all times.LadyJDesignStore TEMPLATES ARE INTEND FOR SMALL BUSINESSES AND MUST BE SOLD TO THIRD PARTIES AS PRINTED PRODUCT. OTHER USES ARE NOT ALLOWED


Freebies can be used with LIMITED COMMERCIAL USE but CREDIT REQUIRED** Online business owners must put THIS CLICKABLE CREDIT ( DESIGN BY LadyJDesignStore) where ever the customized product is displayed.


Customize LadyJDesignStore templates and sell as Printed Cards to your customers up to 1000 card each template.Display the customized digital file in Low resolution as an example/ preview file at your website, store, blog with a watermark on it.Sell CARDS at PRINT ON DEMAND websites such as Zazzle, Etsy, Ebay..resulting PRINTED MATERIAL.Customize and print cards for your personal event, party, wedding or shower with no limitation as long as there is no PROFIT.


SELL or DISPLAY any template AS IS and as DIGITAL TEMPLATE form on a website, online store or BLOG.
Extract Graphics and Create other product lines ( embroidery, stickers, clothing, labels, textile) without extra License or Permission.
Include any TEMPLATE or GRAPHICS in DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK OR CLIPART KITS whole or single and sell to third parties.
Mass Produce cards, invitations AS IS or ALTERED and sell it to Large Commercial Companies such as Hallmark, American Greetings..etc.

Digital Formats

All LadyJDesignStore stationary Templates are offered in 3 different formats
Photoshop PSD. 300 dpi. Designs are layered for easy editing.
Vector EPS. Designs are editable with vector programs such as Illustrator, Freehand or Coreldraw.
300 dpi PNG if any transparent areas are used such as PHOTO frames..etc.


If you want us to customize a template for your specific needs such as wording, color , size or layout, Please purchase the template and KEEP FORMAT SECTION as *JPEG- DEFAULT for FULL SETS and contact us!

You can make changes regards to layout, size, color and add your wording.. Extra fees may apply regards to your requests such as additional graphics and extra cards.

All fonts that we use are free and we will credit all designers that created them. You must credit them also, or, if you like, can make a donation to authors. We will provide a link from where the font was downloaded so that you can say thank you to author or make a donation to them, fonts will be embedded into design.

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