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July 2nd, 2012 Invites & eCards

pingg’s Summer Design Contest

June 29th, 2012


We are part of  pingg’s Summer Design Contest.They asked designers to create retro and vintage invitations for various summer events. We are in top 20 designs favorite! To vote, simply “Like” or “Repin” your favorite design. The three invitations with the most likes and repins will win first, second and third place cash prizes and be featured in pingg’s Summer Invitations Collection! Voting ends at midnight on 7/1/12.


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Easter Egg Photoshop Tutorial

April 14th, 2011

How to make an egg in a few steps!
It is very easy, using a pair of selection and of a style we will have results as shown in this image.

Level – Beginners’ course

Let’s start

LadyJDesignStore Easter Egg Tutorial

1. Make a new file(Ctrl+N), width 552 x 658 pix, 72 dpi.
make elliptical marquee selection (M) , shape like egg

2. Make new layer (Shift + Ctrl +N), call him egg,
then,fill egg layer width active selection – foreground color (Alt + Delete).

3. 2 x click on layer egg, layer style, apply inner shadow effect

4. Apply inner glow effect

5.Apply gradient overlay effect, must set gradient colors first ink #cbcbcb second ink is white.

6.Now we have egg, but we need to finish:)

7.New layer(Shift+Ctrl+N) name it egg layer, Ctrl+click on layer egg to load egg selection, pres G on keyboard that mean you select a gradient tool, select radial gradient and choose second gradient white to transparent. Just pull down gradient just like on image and light for egg is hire! Please deselect selection (Ctrl +D), Now we have to make background for egg.

8.Make a new gradient width foreground white and background color #b4b4b4 just select layer 0 and pull from center like, pull gradient from right to the left and you will have background for egg

9.Select layer 0 and make new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) name it shadow, just make elliptical marquee selection (M) and fill width black, please deselect width (Ctrl+D) and go to filter blur Gaussian blur.

10.Just blur width this settings and your egg is finish.

Your egg will look just like that. I put just a reflex. Hope you like it and find it amusing :) If you have question just ask me, this tutorial is posted here exclusively for you!
Thanks for reading
Love LadyJ

A little chat about colors

March 12th, 2010

The whole impression of colors that we have is based on given stimulation of red, blue and yellow and light in different amounts. Light reaches the eye directly and we percept it as white or transparent, while in case it is reflecting of different things, we have an impression of colors.

The color spectrum has:

Primary colors




Primary Colours

The basic colors do not resolve when refracted through a prism.

Secondary colors




Secondary Colours

The colors we percept are of psychological nature and thus have a subjective and objective value. The strongest effect when the color is perceived is its chromatic effect. The scientists determined that the color depends on its wavelength, the vibration of those waves stimulates the eye, this stimulation is transferred to the brain where the color is then perceived.
The color has its own lightness, spaciousness and volume. It also has the warmth and coldness and contains the rhythm and materiality of light-dark – the contrast. The colors have their own lightnesses individually and within the spectrum.
The term “spaciousness” is related to the way a color effects the surrounding and the term “volume” to the way it “occupies” the space into depth.

Warm tones



Yellow – crimson

Colder ones



Lighter tones


The colors influence emotions, the relationship between them can be harmonic and even similar to itself, calm, while contrast makes dynamics and movement. In case contrast and dynamics are combined, the greatest purity of colors is within the spectrum.
Based on that purity of the spectrum, the pigment – quality is also determined.

Coming up next:

Posts about each individual color, the meaning it has, the way it influences its surrounding, work atmosphere and everyday life. You will read about how to find the right colors, how to combine them, all the meanings that a color you like or wear carries with it and how to use colors to improve the quality of life.

Stay tuned!